Managed WAN & Dark Fibre

  • Wavelength Services available

  • Protected Circuit between Data Centres

  • Data Service Provisioning

  • Fully covered by Service Level Agreements (SLA’s)

Cross Connects

Cross-connections are predominantly done via fibre connections between your infrastructure and the various equipment that exists within our data centres. We manage and record these connections in a online tool, ensuring that any changes that occur for any of our other customers do not affect your business

Ensuring that these cross-connects are managed in a structured manner ensures that your business is connected to global networks when required and enables a higher level of built in redundancy

Wavelength Fibre Services

Colocity is able to provide Wavelength fibre services at a very competitive cost. This option provides a high bandwidth service with point-to-point connectivity between network points, either within your organisations business presence or to Colocity’s Data centres.

Based on DWDM technology, this is a cost effective solution for your high bandwidth requirements

Protect circuit between Pulteney and Morphett Street Data Centres

To ensure that movement of data between our data centres is fully protected, a fully redundant circuit in place to provide continuality of your business data and disaster recovery provisioning is not affected

Data Services

Colocity is able to offer various data services to their customers to enable connections to the Internet. These are generally 100Mps services with various monthly data allocations based on customer needs. Higher speed services up to 10Gbp are available if required