Internet Transit

Colocity provides direct unrestricted access to the public Internet (transit) utilising a combination of upstream telecommunication providers and peering connections at significant Internet exchange points across Australia.

Utilising the Australia wide Colocity network with direct connection into the fully redundant Colocity network core these transit services are available on either a per Mbps basis or via block data allocations depending on customer requirements.

This service provides a guaranteed high-speed connection for your equipment to the rest of the Internet or by combining a Colocity high speed fibre office interconnect can also reduce your overall company costs for Internet access services.

  • Global routes and coverage

  • High Speeds (100, 1Gbps, 10Gbps or sub-rates)

  • Redundant Colocity core

  • Australia / NZ wide customer connection access points

  • IPv4 & IPv6 available on all connections

  • BGP or customer provided route advertisement

  • Industry leading SLA’s

  • High Speed & Band Width