Our Data Centres

Colocity operates two purpose-built data centres on opposite sides of the Adelaide CBD. Linked via high speed fibre data services these two locations provide diversity and capacity options of redundancy and disaster recovery.

Our first facility on Pulteney Street has been in continuous operation since 2007 and our newest facility in Morphett Street was opened in 2015.

Both facilities contain large scale plant and equipment including full load UPS power and backup generators, redundant cooling and diversified physical carrier entry points.

The facilities have been built based on extensive research, analysis of best practice implementations, and extensive experience working with 3rd party hardware and data provisioning organisations.

Each data centres operating from different high voltage electricity feeds into the East and West sides of the CBD. This along with the security of continuous operation from on-site diesel backup generators, an exception record of up-time has been maintained at both sites. Including during the 2016 state-wide blackout, where we continued to be fully operational for both data centre and network services.

  • Facilities built for redundancy using best industry practices

  • 100% Carrier Neutral Facilities with easy access to all major tier 1 and tier 2 data service providers

  • Two locations enabling for disaster recovery capability and redundancy of your business site

  • Geographically diverse fibre connections to both Data Centres

  • Rack space from 1RU server to full racks available with single or dual power availability

  • SCEC class C high security racks available

    DC1 - Pulteney Street

    Located on Pulteney Street on the east side of the Adelaide CBD in the Emergency Services Precinct, our first data centre started operation in 2007.  Providing up to 3.6 Kw or 15 amps per rack from dual UPS over A&B power feeds space is made available in 1/4, 1/2 and full rack sizes.

    Cooling to racks is provided from 2N perimeter air handlers that both filter air and provide precision monitoring of temperature and humidity.

    • Continuous operation since 2007

    • Extended duration diesel backup generator with onsite fuel storage

    • Fully redundant 2N precision cooling

    • 3.6 Kw 15A racks

    DC3 - Morphett Street

    Our newest facility on Morphett Street located in the Medical and University area on the western side of the Adelaide CBD opened for operation in 2015.  This 1MW facility has quickly become the central hub for internet services in South Australia.

    Constructed to tier-3 standards from a dedicated repurposed building that has been extensively engineered for resiliency and security. An on-site transformer is feed via two high voltage feeds.

    Selected to be above 1-100 year flood zones and out of flight paths while still in a central location with excellent access to all fibre providers.

    Utilising perimeter air handlers we can provide for 6 kw or 25 amps per rack from dual UPS over A&B power feeds. Higher capacity racks are also available in this facility with provision for additional inrow cooling units.

    Rack options range from 1RU for single servers, to 1/4, 1/2 and full rack sizes.

    • Designed and constructed to tier-3 standard

    • Dual A&B power feeds to each rack

    • Dual diesel generators for redundancy and continuous operation

    • 6Kw racks available with 1/4, 1/2 and Full options