Every critical component of the equipment within the data centre is supported by 2N Power redundancy providing a Tier-3 level of concurrently maintainable power distribution system.

Power backed by dual Diesel Generators feed into dual UPS’s via automatic transfer switches that constantly monitor mains supply.

Distribution of power from the UPS’s are arranged in an A&B supply configuration, enabling each computer rack in the data centre to have dual power feeds of either 16A or 32A based on our customer’s requirements.

  • Dual UPS’s via automatic transfer switches

  • Generators tested monthly to ensure operation

  • UPS’s continuously filter power from both mains and generator

  • Redundant generators on standby at all times to backup mains supply.

  • On-site fuel storage


Our facilities provide chilled air through the use of floor mounted air handlers utilising Hot and Cold aisle arrangement. These units circulate and filter the cold air to remove dust and contaminants, with both room temperature and humidity kept constant all year round.

The closed control air conditioning system is also N+1 redundant. This protects against any equipment failure and enables maintenance periods without requiring any outage.

  • 2N chillers proving resilience and reliability

  • 24×7 monitoring of all environment parameters

  • Underfloor cooling using Hot Aisle containment

  • N+1 redundant and energy efficient closed control air conditioning system


Security of your equipment in our data centres is of paramount importance to us, and therefore we monitor access to the facilities on a 24×7 basis.

Ensuring only those personnel that have been inducted into the data centre are able to gain access. All entries to the sites are covered by CCTV and recorded and retained.

  • Sophisticated alarms and security solutions

  • Biometric access control and authorisation

  • CCTV recording of all access and movements 24×7