Colocity provides technical support via either email or our live-support service from 8am to midnight 7 days per week. Outside of these hours, our support staff are on-call for emergency issues.

Network Issues

Colocity monitor's all core network connections and equipment 24/7, with support staff responding as required. Our network is designed with full redundancy, providing alternative paths where possible through the network. This allows for the network to continue to operate should equipment fail.

If you notice an issue with the network which you would like investigated, please log a support request through our contact page.

Co-location Access

Co-location customers may request access to their equipment 24/7 by logging an access request via their Customer Support area, under Additional Services. Simply login to your account using the 'My Account' tab on the right of this page.

While emergency access requests can be made with only 30 minutes notice, where possible we request customers to give as much notice of upcoming work as possible.

Application Issues

For our dedicated server customers, Colocity provides an initial Operating System image loaded onto our server hardware. Customers who have requested ongoing Server Management will be assisted as a priority. While we mainly concentrate on the Operating System's, and their directly connected services (web, dns, mail, etc), often servers will also have specific applications loaded. Where possible, we will assist customers with issues relating to these applications, however we recommend customer to contract support for these larger applications through companies specialising in that area.

Server failure

By keeping all our servers in a temperature controlled environment we find hardware failure is rare, however while it does not occur often unless your server has built in redundancy any failure will cuase an outage to your server. Given that the most likely item to fail is a hard disk (due to it's mechanical nature) we recommend where possible to mirror hard disks for systems of a critical nature. The small cost increase is more than offset by the increase in reliability and not needing to rebuild the system from scratch.

If you have a hardware issue with your system, please log a support request through our contact page and we will look at the issue with urgency.

Environment Issues

Colocity has built it's own datacenter, and therefore is complete control of the environment where your equipment is located. Our support staff respond to any indication by our building management systems should there be issues with air-conditioning or power.

If you are experiencing any problems with your server, please log a support request through our contact page.