Server Management

  • Unix Administration
  • System Patching
  • Application Installation
  • System Monitoring
  • Server Backups


Colocity provides a range of services to assist customer's with the management of their servers.

Our team of System Administrator's have the skills to manage your server, giving piece of mind and the knowledge that should the worst happen, then someone is available.

Colocity has implemented a back end system for the management of all servers. This separate network segment allows for server monitoring, backups in addition to providing access to iLo, or other out-of-band management.
The server management network segment is protected through limited firewalled access. Connections to this network segment will be limited to only allow access from specific IP addresses.

Unix Administration

The Colocity support team have many years experience with the various flavours of Unix. By performing basic maintenance on your server, many issues can be rectified prior to them causing any downtime.

Usually combined with System Patching, our support team with check your server on a regular basis for any needed actions. We will perform log rotation and analysis, security checking and performance analysis.

Items include:

  • Web server utilisation
  • Server performance including CPU, Disk & Memory utilisation
  • Outage reporting and analysis
  • Preemptive recommendations on hardware

System Patching

Most Unix operating systems have additional patches that should be applied on a regular basis. These patches usually fall into the categories of Security & System Upgrade. Security patches need to be applied as soon as they are released to prevent your server from being compromised. System Upgrades can usually be applied on a regular basis as required.

Due to our ongoing involvement with the various operating systems, we are able to provide a contracted regular patching service for customers. Many patches can be installed without an outage to the server, otherwise we will co-ordinate with you for an outage outside of normal business hours.

Application Installation

Colocity has experience with the installation of many different Internet Applcations, and can provide assistance with their installation and ongoing support. Working with Application vendors, Colocity can provide the first level support requirements for your server to reduce downtime, and fast track upgrades.


Using the latest network monitoring software, Colocity manages the network and services are monitored 24/7. The network is monitored for both performance and security related problems. Should an issue arise, staff are notified immediately and the problem rectified.
Servers can also be monitored for application performance and availability. As required, either the customer can be notified by SMS or Email. An additional level of monitoring is available for critical servers that are under full service contracts where Colocity will be notified should a fault occur.


Colocity provides a full service designed to backup each server. This backup is run each day, and will archive any changes that have occurred. The backup combines together the many advantages of a hard disk backup system, along with the piece of mind of a tape storage system. These tapes are generated on a weekly basis, with a monthly backup stored offsite.
Restoration from backups is performed on an as requested basis. Database backups are also possible, allowing for snapshots to be taken of the database so to allow confidence in the integrity of the data saved.


For more information on how Colocity can assist with your server management, please contact our sales team. We would be happy to put together a package to suit your specific requirements for Server Management.