Service Level Agreement

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Colocity prides itself with providing a high level of service for its customers, and in doing so strives to maintain an environment that has a focus on security and reliability. As part of our aim to provide a consistent level of service we offer the following Service Level Agreement (SLA).

  1. Service Delivery

    Colocity is committed to providing the Service that has been ordered within the delivery timeframes as outlined below, or as agreed on the Application Form.
    Upon receipt of either a signed Application Form, or an Application for Service via our website, Colocity will:

    • Contact you within 24 hours to confirm your order, and to confirm the availability for us to provide the Service.
    • Arrange and commission to provide the Service ordered within 48 hours of this order being placed.
      Where Colocity is unable to provide the Service as ordered, a full refund of any prepayments will be provided. This includes any application and/or setup charges.
  2. Response Time

    Colocity provides a manned support service from 8am to midnight, 7 days per week. All faults logged by through to the Colocity Support Team will be confirmed within 15 minutes of lodgement during this time. Our fully automated Support Centre provides comprehensive fault ticket monitoring, and escalation until the customer closes the fault ticket.
    Outside of these hours, the Colocity Datacentre and network is monitored 24/7 and support staff notified should a problem occur.

  3. Co-location Customers

    Co-location customers are provided with access 24 hours / 7 days per week to access and work on their equipment. Unless otherwise agreed, Colocity allows for 10 separate site visits outside of normal business hours per month.
    Access to the Datacentre should be arranged by completion of a Request for Site Access form available via our website through the Customer Service Area.
    Emergency access will be provided within 30 minutes of the request being lodged. We do ask that customers provide as much notice as possible for normal scheduled routine work.

  4. Network Service Availability

    Colocity believes that providing a stable and reliable Network Service is key to providing a datacentre environment. Colocity strives to maintain a Network Service availability target of 99.99%. Should Colocity’s network be the cause of a Service disruption, Colocity will provide a rebate in the form of a credit against the following months invoice.
    This Network Service availability guarantee does not apply to:

    • Hardware or Software faults with Customer supplied equipment; including software misconfigurations on the Customer supplied equipment.
    • Scheduled network maintenance. Colocity maintains a redundant network service, and usually network maintenance will not require a service outage. Where complete network outage is required, we will provide at least 7 days advanced notice.
    • Colocity provides no guarantee of reachability to services outside of the network under its control. We will guarantee to provide access to the Internet, however uptime and access to particular hosts outside of our network is outside of our control.
    • Where the either the Colocity Terms of Service, or Acceptable Use Policy have been breached.
  5. Environment Availability

    Our Datacentre environment provides an environment for the housing of servers and network equipment, and this is achieved by providing space that is both environmentally stable and provides a reliable source of power.
    Colocity will maintain a datacentre environment availability with a target of 99.99% Should Colocity’s network be the cause of a Service disruption, Colocity will provide a rebate in the form of a credit against the following months invoice.
    This Environment availability guarantee applies to the following key items:

    • Air-conditioning will be maintained at a consistent 22-24° C with 40-60% humidity. These values are measured by the N+1 air handlers situation in the Datacentre;
    • Power will be provided through Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) that will protect equipment from power outages. Power will be maintained within ETSA specifications of 240V operating at 50 Hz.

    This environment availability guarantee does not apply to:

    • Hardware faults or failure of customer supplied equipment.
  6. Rebates for Service Disruptions

    Colocity offers the following rebates for outages as indicated in this document:

    Percentage of Service for the Month Rebate of Relevant Monthly Service Fee
    95% to 99.99% 10%
    90% to 95% 20%
    80% to 90% 25%
    < 80% 100%

    Rebates only apply if the disruption is lodged with the Colocity Support Team, and a claim made by lodgement of a claim form.